Phrasal Verbs with call

call after

To give a baby the same name as someone else, especially a member of your family

She was called after her grandmother.

call around

To call multiple places or people to try to get information about something.

I need to call around to check prices for new TV

call out

Shout loudly

David called out for help when he was alone in dark.

call at

Make a brif stop on public transport

This bus wil call at New Yourk, Washington and Chichago.

Phrasal Verb of the Day 9/6/2023

fly at

Meaning of Phrasal Verb

to attack someone violently

Example of Phrasal Verb

He took one end gingerly, swung the whole thing round his head, and let it fly at the creature, simultaneously shouting out, "Look away!

What is a phrasal verb ?

Definition of phrasal verb

In English traditional grammar, a phrasal verb is the combination of two or three words from different grammatical categories – a verb and a particle, such as an adverb or a preposition – to form a single semantic unit on a lexical or syntactic level. Examples: turn down, run into, sit up.

Definition from Wikipedia

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